I had an awesome night at the Broadway Bar, witnessing bands come back together for the first time in a long time.

On the roster in sequence, was This’ll Kill Ya, The John Stamos Project, and 48 in the Basement.

I had to take a few cigarette breaks, so you’ll find a handful of songs are missing, but was able to record most of it, so enjoy!

Everyone on the stage!

This’ll Kill ya:

Part 1
Song: This’ll Kill Ya

Part 2
Song: When Love Goes Up in Flames

Part 3
Song: Phase 4

Part 4
Song: Knowhere

Part 5
Song: One Night Stand

Part 6
Song: A Song for Popeye

The John Stamos Project:

Part 1
Song: [unknown intro]

Part 2
Song: He’s Not Right

Part 3
Song: An Ode to Billy Joel

Part 4
Song: Hands and Knees

Part 5
Song: Don’t Go Away Mad

Part 6
Song: Backseat Baby

Part 7
Song: [unknown]

Part 8
Song: [unknown]

Part 9
Song: [Screwball cross-cover] I’m only happy in my dreams

Part 10
Song: [unknown]

Part 11
Song: I Gotta Problem

Part 12
Song: Tribute to 48 in the Basement – Veronica Hates Me

Part 13
Song: [unknown]

Part 14
Song: J.J. is a Drama Queen

Part 15
Song: California

48 in the Basement:

Part 1
Song: Sound Check / Introductions

Part 2
Song: [unknown]

Part 3
Song: 5 More

Part 4
Song: Genie Needs a Ride to Work Again

Part 5
Song: She Called to Say Goodnight

Part 6
Song: Made For You, Made For Me

Part 7
Song: [unknown]

Part 8
Song: Slacker TV

Part 9
Song: Tribute to The John Stamos Project

Part 10
Song: Happy Girl

Part 11
Song: 1.21 Gigawatts

Part 12
Song: Intermission / Drummer Change / Giveaways

Part 13
Song: Phelina is Too Perfect

Part 14
Song: [unknown]

Part 15
Song: Late Night Girl

Part 16
Song: Carol! _Carol_ Carol_

Part 17
Song: [cover] Queers – Debra Jean

Part 18
Song: [cover] Dream Lover

good idea, bad idea

April 5th, 2010

Good idea: open up a service center that stays open until 11:30PM
Bad idea: be a customer to aforementioned service center

new mazda

April 3rd, 2010

At the dealership, wish me luck! :)

Some know about my latest addiction, video recording the Long Island Roller Rebels games…

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve decided to put full fledged 1080p HD videos up on youtube.com!

Molly Roger spills into the Roller Rebels

Molly Roger spills into the Roller Rebels

Long Island Roller Rebels vs. Jersey Shore Roller Girls, 3-13-2010:

Intro – Referees

Intro – JSRG

Intro – LIRR

Star Spangled Banner

Intro – Rules

Period 1 – Part 1

Period 1 – Part 2

Period 1 – Part 3

Period 1 – Part 4

Period 1 – Part 5

Period 2 – Part 1

Period 2 – Part 2

Period 2 – Part 3

Period 2 – Part 4

Period 2 – Part 5

Period 2 – Part 6

Period 2 – Part 7

Period 2 – Part 8

Period 2 – Part 9

Period 2 – Part 10

Period 2 – Part 11

Period 2 – Part 12

Period 2 – Part 13

Period 2 – Part 14

Period 2 – Part 15

Period 2 – Part 16

Period 2 – Part 17

Period 2 – Part 18



New Space.com article:

First Monarch Butterflies in Space Take Flight

The first-ever Monarch butterflies in space have taken flight on the International Space Station to the delight of astronauts aboard.

Space station commander Jeff Williams, of NASA, beamed video of the first of several Monarch butterflies fluttered its gossamer wings in weightlessness last week, just after the insect emerged from its cocoon and began floating around their enclosure.

“It is beautiful,” Williams radioed Mission Control. “It’s always beautiful to see a little bit of Earth up here.”

Video of the Butterfly in action:

It’s curious, isn’t it? This is all a follow up to a series of tests they’ve been conducting, regarding biological matter and reproduction in space.

In some cases, we’re reaping the harvest already:

Barley+Space=Space Beer!
By Betsy Mason|December 8, 2009|4:42pm

“This beer will be sold for charity, to contribute to the promotion of science education for children and the development of space science research in Japan and Russia, through donation of all proceeds to Okayama University,” Sapporo stated in a press release Dec. 3.

And that sounds nice. But I think the real reason is: Space Beer!

Also, what will astronauts drink on future extended spaceflight missions? They can’t take multiple years’ worth of beer with them, so clearly they will have to brew it themselves. But what about the hops, you say? Don’t worry, those were launched into space in August. Super Space Beer!

The butterflies were an interesting experiment, and it wasn’t the only one conducted.

Among the different kind of tests are the following, by latest publication:

Spider Success! Weightless Webs Spun in Space
By Tariq Malik | 21 November 2008 | 1:03 pm ET

Two plucky spiders on the International Space Station have bounced back from a tangled false start to weave amazing new webs in zero gravity, astronauts said Friday.

The orb-weaving spiders were transported to the station aboard NASA’s shuttle Endeavour earlier this week, but initially wove an aimless concoction in their lab enclosure during their first days in weightlessness.

But now they’ve taken another stab at weightless web construction.

“We noticed the spiders’ made a symmetrical web,” the space station’s current skipper Michael Fincke radioed to Mission Control today. “It looks beautiful.”

You might recall my earlier blog posting about this one:

Astronaut-Teacher to Fly Seeds for Students on June Shuttle
By Robert Z. Pearlman | 19 January 2007 | 7:03 p.m. ET

When educator-astronaut Barbara Morgan launches to the space station this June, she hopes to ‘plant the seed’ that will start students thinking about their own futures in space.


In addition to Morgan and her six STS-118 crewmates, space shuttle Endeavour will have on-board millions of basil seeds, which will be distributed after the mission to children in kindergarten through high school working to develop their own designs for Moon- or Mars-based plant growth chambers.

“We know they will be excited about having the seeds, something physical that has been in space that they can touch and grow,” Morgan told collectSPACE.com during an educational event held Friday at Space Center Houston [image].

Of course, there was the source of all the barley and wheat for Sapporo’s “space beer”:

Space seeds come back to Earth
by Carmelo Amalfi | Thursday, 14 December 2006

PERTH: Plant seeds have been blasted into orbit in the hope that ‘space breeding’ holds the key to improving crop yields and disease resistance.

Wheat and barley strains developed by the Department of Agriculture and Food in Western Australia (WA) have just landed back on Earth following a 15-day orbital cruise on board China’s Shijian-8 satellite.

“Space-breeding refers to the technique of sending seeds into space in a recoverable spacecraft or a high-altitude balloon,” said Agriculture WA barley breeder Chengdao Li. “In the high-vacuum, micro-gravity and strong-radiation space environment, seeds may undergo mutation.”

So the spin of it all is this, in all seriousness: We are Bound for Living in Space

Between the ISS missions, the studies conducted on various lifeforms in the space environment, the radiation studies, living condition experiments, the aforementioned food and lifeform growth and reproduction tests, and now the use of corporate investment for an open space program [I.E. Google Lunar X Prize] – we’re nearing our next manned mission, and most likely to forge a living base on the Moon, or Mars.

The only serious block right now, that hasn’t been fully understood, is our strange bone-density loss problem.

See, when we leave Earth, our bones just start to disintegrate fast:

The Zero G Battle: How Astronauts and Cosmonauts Cope
By Karen Miller | 01:03 pm ET | 31 August 2001

Bone recovery, though, has proven problematic. For a three to six month space flight, says Schneider, it might require two to three years to regain lost bone — if it’s going to come back, and some studies have suggested that it doesn’t. “You really have to exercise a lot,” says Schneider. “You really have to work at it.”

According to Dr. Alan Hargens, recently of NASA Ames and now a professor of orthopedics at the University of California San Diego medical school, it is important to keep astronauts in good physical condition. “You want the crew members to function normally when they come back to Earth … and not have to lie around for long periods of rehabilitation,” he says.

And Earth isn’t the only planet that astronauts might visit. One day humans will journey to Mars — a six-month trip in zero-G before they disembark on a planet with 38 percent of Earth’s gravity. “[We'll have to maintain] those astronauts at a fairly high level of fitness,” explains Hargens. “When they get to Mars, there won’t be anyone to help them if they get into trouble.” They will need to be able to handle everything themselves.

Solve that, and we’ll be reaching the stars soon enough.

Big Shouts go out to the admin at http://www.hotwpthemes.com/ for hooking me up with Add to Any sharing system, as you can see below you have the full spectrum now to share where ever you so desire – so manual buttons are finished, that was easy!

Now to just get account linking working within WordPress, so posts get auto-published to your personal linked social media accounts.

I’ve painstakingly upgraded the SQL DB and WordPress itself to the latest version, glad they have automatic updates now because that was a freaking disaster.  Fortunately, as you can see, not much has changed on the front end, but the back end is seriously elaborate. Good stuff.

I’m also in progress of manufacturing/coding an automated type of social media update system.  Frankly, I hate Twitter – and refuse to use it for blogging anyway, but, what I’d like to establish is a sort of automated wordpress blog announcement system, link it to all my social networking accounts, and just update all of those sites, like Facebook, even my Livejournal, with new blogs, instead of manually punching links/sharing.

To be continued…

I might be paying attention…

February 21st, 2009

The primary issue I had with this blog was spam comments by the millions, going through them daily was murder for me.

I have since implemented very strong anti-spam stuff. including a full DNS Blacklist, so … I will be paying attention again to this blog.

Sorry for the lack of interest since it’s conception.

Some interesting news from my good buddy Mark “Line” Cansino of NewsForNow.com – he made a great video of the 2009 NY Comic Con, check it out and digg it up, it’s good stuff:

Property of NewsForNow.com

Obviously you saw my previous post (2 posts ago) about my pointing out the strange similarities in facial features, and such, that Obama has to Lincoln…

I’m thinkin some president out there might have caught wind of it, and might be re-enacting the legend now:



I think not…

Now they’re doing spiders and butterflies, quite interesting, check out the details:



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