A new dimension is born…

July 11th, 2007

WordPress was a practically seamless installation, had almost no trouble installing on the host.

To summarize objectives, I’d just simply like to use this blog as a final landscape to get my messages across.

Nothing more, nothing less!

2 Responses to “A new dimension is born…”

  1. LadyoftheLake

    Hey Q tis Sam! Look forward to reading more of your blogs.!

  2. Shawn Q.

    Hey Sam, glad you stopped by! The confirmation thing is for all new users, as long as you punch your info in like you did before you should get automatic approval. By the way, if things heat up in the near future, you can also Register here.

    I’m looking forward to some real good discussions!

    Edit: Woof you’re fast, you registered already!

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