Big Shouts go out to the admin at http://www.hotwpthemes.com/ for hooking me up with Add to Any sharing system, as you can see below you have the full spectrum now to share where ever you so desire – so manual buttons are finished, that was easy!

Now to just get account linking working within WordPress, so posts get auto-published to your personal linked social media accounts.

I’ve painstakingly upgraded the SQL DB and WordPress itself to the latest version, glad they have automatic updates now because that was a freaking disaster.  Fortunately, as you can see, not much has changed on the front end, but the back end is seriously elaborate. Good stuff.

I’m also in progress of manufacturing/coding an automated type of social media update system.  Frankly, I hate Twitter – and refuse to use it for blogging anyway, but, what I’d like to establish is a sort of automated wordpress blog announcement system, link it to all my social networking accounts, and just update all of those sites, like Facebook, even my Livejournal, with new blogs, instead of manually punching links/sharing.

To be continued…

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