I might be paying attention…

February 21st, 2009

The primary issue I had with this blog was spam comments by the millions, going through them daily was murder for me.

I have since implemented very strong anti-spam stuff. including a full DNS Blacklist, so … I will be paying attention again to this blog.

Sorry for the lack of interest since it’s conception.

Some interesting news from my good buddy Mark “Line” Cansino of NewsForNow.com – he made a great video of the 2009 NY Comic Con, check it out and digg it up, it’s good stuff:

Property of NewsForNow.com

Obviously you saw my previous post (2 posts ago) about my pointing out the strange similarities in facial features, and such, that Obama has to Lincoln…

I’m thinkin some president out there might have caught wind of it, and might be re-enacting the legend now:



I think not…

Now they’re doing spiders and butterflies, quite interesting, check out the details:



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